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Talking Mats (PKC Staff) 2 x Half Days

20.09.18 & 25.10.18

Venues:  Meeting Room 10/11, Pullar House  (These venues may be subject to change)

Times:  9.30am - 12.30pm


  • To equip staff with the skill and knowledge to use an established communication/ thinking tool which can enable individuals to: structure and verbalise their thoughts; make choices expressing both negative and positive views; be involved in decisions, give opinions and express their preferences or feelings which can help in identifying personalised outcomes and promote equality.
  • To allow participants to view and review their own communication styles when facilitating a Talking Mat session.

Day 1 – 20.09.18 - Venue – Meeting Room 10/11, Pullar House

Day 2 – 25.10.18 - Venue – Meeting Room 10/11, Pullar House

Please note there is a charge of £25 for this course, for this each trainee receives a certificate, booklet and a Talking Mats symbol set from following adult sets:

  • Health (coping, mobility & health), Looking after Yourself (domestic life, self-care and work/education)
  • Communication (Understanding, Expression, Relationships & Learning/Thinking)
  • Leisure & Environment (Leisure home, Leisure away & Environment)
  • Social Care (Activities, Where you live & You)


  • Children and Young Person sets for Early Years, Primary and Secondary covering (My body & skills, What I do & My support & My wider world)

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Please be aware we require 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your place on this learning session.

 If 48 hours’ notice is not given or if you fail to attend on the day, there may be a charge of £50 for non-attendance.

To cancel your booking, please go to

Alternatively you can contact the Housing and Community Safety Learning and Development team on 01738 477 828 or email