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Adult Support and Protection (Basic Awareness)

Name of the session

Basic Awareness – Adult Support and Protection

Description of course

Welcome to Basic Awareness – Adult Support and Protection learning opportunity.
This is an interactive 3 ½ hour workshop that will require your full participation.  We will use activities, videos and presentation material to introduce you to a basic awareness of adult support and protection.

Who is it for?

This learning opportunity is open to everyone!

What will I learn?

This session will aim to support you in:

  • Discussions about what adult protection is
  • How to recognise harm
  • To become clearer about your own role and responsibilities in recognising and responding to concerns
  • Become familiar with the ‘Perth and Kinross Multi-Agency Guidelines’
  • Increasing your confidence and ability to recognise and refer appropriately

Where is the session?

Various locations across all localities

How to book

 Please click on links below to book through Eventbrite

11.02.19     Pullar House, Perth

20.03.19     Loch Leven Community Campus, Kinross

10.04.19     Strathearn Community Campus, Crieff

16.05.19     North Inch Community Campus, Perth

21.06.19     Community Connect, Rattray, Blairgowrie

10.09.19     Loch Leven Community Campus, Kinross

30.10.19     Breadalbane Community Campus, Aberfeldy

11.11.19     Pullar House, Perth









 For More Information on Adult Support and Protection

  Please click here



I particularly liked discussions and information. 

I enjoyed taking part in activities. Not just sat and got lectured to.

The break out discussions were helpful especially differing opinions of staff and priorities of managers.

I will take forward the importance of recording information and reporting any concerns.

What particularly worked well for me was discussing all the signs and behaviours of the different types of harm.

The course was very informative and very enjoyable. I feel I have come away with a better understanding of Adult Support and Protection.

I have a stronger awareness of my role as a carer when looking after vulnerable people.

I am more aware of the signs to look for from various types of harm which may occur.

I enjoyed the course, I think it covered everything that we need to know to assist in our duty to protect.

I particularly enjoyed the group engagement tasks. A lot of varied discussions and opinions.