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Accredited Learning and Development


Within this section, you will find information on a range of qualifications which are accredited through external bodies such as SQA and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

The information will be useful to all the workforce where there is a need or want to achieve an accredited qualification for the purposes of registration with SSSC for example SVQs or where post -qualifying accredited qualifications are required to support staff in specific roles such as a Mental Health Officer Award, Practice Development Award in Practice Learning.


Scottish Vocational Qualifications in Social Services and Health Care or, SVQs as they are more commonly known, are based on a person's ability, or competence, to carry out their job to National Occupational Standards (NOS).   SVQs are offered at different levels.  The Social Services and Health Care Awards start at Level 2, and progress through to Level 4 (the different levels are a reflection of the candidate’s job role).

SVQ assessment allows someone to demonstrate and reflect on the skills required to do a job well, as well as understand and reflect on how it is done. The awards are built on the idea that people who do not already hold a relevant work qualification, but have the necessary experience, values, knowledge and skills to work competently, can be assessed during  hours of work whilst undertaking usual work activities, and achieve a qualification that way.  As with most qualifications, SVQ requires commitment to personal study time but it is based on writing about your work role and the things you do every day.

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) SSSC registration is the responsible body that manages the register of the social services  workforce. 

Our highly experienced Assessors and Verifiers will support you through the qualification from the day you begin.

We have lots more interesting information to add to our website relating to SVQ assessment, so please bear with us while we do this. If you have any queries, thoughts, ideas or questions relating to Social Services and Healthcare SVQ's please contact:

Yvonne Gray on 01738 477884 or email on

Wyness Glennie on 01738 477894 or email on

 Link to Resources for Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership candidates

Link to SVQ application form - download in MS word

Practice Learning

Welcome to Practice learning!

Welcome to practice learning! This section is for those currently involved in supporting student learning, and those who would like to become involved. Whether you are a practice educator, linkworker or practice supervisor for social work students, are mentoring a student, or hosting an HNC student placement, we have information and resources to support you.

We can support you to access a range of developmental opportunities including the practice learning forum, linkworker training and the Professional Development Award (PDA) Practice Learning. We also have information and resources to support both social work practice learning placements, and HNC placements.  


We provide a range of supports to those working with Social Work students during their learning in practice.

Practice Educator Support:

  • Practice learning forum
  • Individual Support and Consultation

Linkworker Support:

  • Practice learning Forum
  • Individual Support and Consultation

Mentor Support:

  • Supporting a piece of work for a student who may be based in your own, or a different, team

CPD Opportunities

Practice Educator

Professional Development Award in Practice Learning

We have lots of information to share with you about Practice Learning which I am sure you will find really helpful and interesting . However as our website is new to us we would be really grateful if you could give us a little time to do this for you.

If you need or want to speak to any of our team regarding Social Placements, HNC placements, Practice learning, Linkworker or any other opportunities related to accreditation, please contact:

Gillian Muir on 01738 477446 or email on

Linda Grierson on 01738 477445 or email on

Link Worker

Link worker training

Developing CPD opportunities for staff to support and supervise the day to day practice social work students

Social work practice learning placements

Our main partnership are with the universities of Robert Gordon, Stirling and Dundee (social work students)

Development across service of quality placements-sometimes different work in different teams

HNC placements

We offer HNC placements each year within residential and day services. Placements run from October to May each year, 2-3 days per week.  Contact Linda Grierson if you are interested.  

Perth college (HNC) Perth College UHI

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