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Difficult Discussions matter

Name of the session

Difficult Discussions Matter

Description of course

Welcome to Difficult Discussions matter!

This is an engaging and exploratory full day of learning that looks to involve you in a variety of different ways that include self reflection, group work, conversations and role play. In this session we explore with you the role that attitudes and behaviours have on a conversation, listening skills practice, emotional intelligence and the 5 steps to difficult discussions.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Staff across all sectors including Local Authority, NHS, 3rd and Independent Sectors and the general public.

What will I learn?

This session will support you in:

    • Becoming more aware of your own communication style;
    • Developing your understanding of active listening skills and the importance of this when experiencing conflict;
    • Understanding what makes some conversations more difficult;
    • Preparing you for future conversations by using a simple approach;
    • Helping you to reflect on your own behaviours and attitudes and those of others;
    • Developing your planning and preparation for conversations;
    • Developing your confidence by allowing space to use the approach in a safe environment through exploration;
  • Feeling motivated and assertive to have conversations which may be difficult.


Where is the session?

Across all localities of Perth and Kinross

How to book




The group work and discussions were really useful and getting views from others and listening to their experiences.

Very thought out and relevant sessions for all staff groups and any scenario.

It highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence and not trying to problem solve too soon.  Gave tips on approaching difficult discussions.

I learned a lot about my own emotional intelligence and listening.

I particularly liked the self reflection and the emotional intelligence was interesting.

It made me more aware of how my emotions play a part in conversations and to not pre-empt conversations before they arise.