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 Handling and Moving One Day Refresher

Description of course

Welcome to Handling and Moving One Day Refresher

“Keeping people safer in their work, lives and communities”

This is an essential part of your learning and will be delivered over a full day.

The refresher course encourages you to revisit and reflect on your current practice through creative activities.  We encourage you to get involved in conversations and demonstration on various techniques to keep you and others safe. We will enable you to practise on a range of interesting and different manual handling equipment, whilst building on your confidence and skills.

So all we ask is you come along and get involved.       

Who is it for?

This is essential learning is for everyone.

What will I learn?

This session will aim to support you in:

  • To have an awareness of current legislative framework and the importance of why we work within them and how this impacts on your daily working practice, in life and community care.
  • To keep everyone up to date with any changes to current practice, techniques and usage of new equipment.
  • To have an understanding of safe and efficient movement in relation to your own personal care, those who you are caring for and work colleagues within the community care sector.
  • To have the knowledge, confidence and practical skills of how to use all relevant equipment hoists etc that are used within Perth & Kinross

 Where is the session

All Handling and Moving Training is held at the Learning and Development Training Suite, Beechgrove House.

Click to Book:

February 2019                20.02.19

March  2019                     06.03.19      13.03.19     28.03.19

May  2019                         08.05.19       09.05.19     30.05.19

June 2019                         05.06.19       19.06.19

July  2019                          03.07.19       04.07.19    

August 2019                   01.08.19       07.08.19      29.08.19

September 2019          12.09.19       25.09.19      26.09.19

October 2019                02.10.19      03.10.19       23.10.19

November 2019          06.11.19       20.11.19        21.11.19

December 2019          05.12.19