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Some feedback below from the Locality Team Development Sessions: 

Very good training, delivered in a friendly manner, very interesting.

Thought  provoking

Felt valued as a worker by trainers

Trainers listened to us


Good training session, encouragement to say how we really feel


A worker's recent experience on Learning and Development

I contacted Learning and Development as I needed some help, advice and information regarding career development. 

The information that I received proved to be invaluable as it made me aware of options that I hadn’t considered. 

I felt that I was in a bit of a rut, but since I approached and asked for advice, things have changed for the better.

I’m now waiting to begin a recognised professional qualification that will allow me to gain membership of my Chartered Professional Institution and as a consequence, I feel more valued in my workplace and I feel that my attitude has also improved.

Sincerely, I do not think I would be in the position I am without their intervention and I would actively encourage anyone looking for advice or information to contact Learning and Development as early as possible.

Now, I just wish I had contacted them sooner.

 Feedback from Difficult Discussions Matter Learning Sessions:

The course was really beneficial and it has boosted my confidence in having difficult discussions in the future.
Thank you! Very good course. I will take forward a whole new insight into difficult discussions as being people focused not topic focused.
The particular aspects of the course that worked well for me were the stages of looking at difficult discussions and the practice sessions to prompt my own thoughts

Substance Use - Basic Awareness

What participants particularly found helpful include:

"Awareness of drug use and the impact on the person and their family"

"General introduction to different substances and how people feel when using substance, the reasons why and how we can help"

"Good examples of how to engage in better conversations around substance use".

What will participants take forward following the course:

"Being mindful of how conversations matter"

"How to deal with tenants who may have dependencies"

"Continue to have open conversations with people and ask direct questions about a person's substance use"

"Better understanding, knowledge and awareness"