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Reading and Watching

Here you will find some materials we have found interesting, inspiring and have supported us to take action, you might like them too...



Ted Talk - Simon Sinek: Why good leaders make you feel safe

Ted Talk - Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Conversation - Simon Sinek - Milennials

 Roselinde Torres on What it takes to be a great leader

David Marquet - "What is Leadership?"

Stanley McChrystal - Listen, learn .... then lead


IRISS - What does good leadership look like?

 Leadership and Management for the Public Sector


Service Design


Christian Bason (a former public servant) talking about ‘Co creating a better society’

Co Brown – Design Thinking – Maximizing your students’ creative talent

Tim Brown – Designer – Co Founder of IDEO Talking about design thinking

Tim Brown urged designers to think big

Giovanni Corazza’s TEDx Talk on Creative Thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas.

Birgit Mager, What is Service Design? (Köln International School of Design)

Tina Seelig - A crash course in creativity

The Story of Codesign by Think Public

 Tom Wujec on Problem Solving 




John Seddon:




Author Roman Krznaric - The Power of Outrospection

Roman Krznaric – Talking about Outrospection/Empathy




 Chimamanda Adiche – The Danger of a Single Story 

Cormac Russell on the value of stories and his technique to tell them


 Personalities and Behaviours


Brene Brown - The power of vulnerability

Susan Cain’s TED Talk on The Power of Introverts



Improvement and Innovation


Ted Talk - Jos de Blok: Healthcare, humanity above bureaucracy 

Harvard Business School. Inquiry and Innovation

 D Reilly, Healing in the age of science



Paul Bate, Glenn Robert: Bringing user experience to healthcare improvement

 Hamilton, David (2016) Using Science to Inspire

Lucas (2015) Getting The Improvement Habit

Syed, M (2015) Viewpoint: How creativity is helped by failure. BBC.

Henley, P (2015) Would citizens’ assemblies work? BBC.

  Long term Condition Alliance Scotland. (2008). Guan Yersel: The self management strategy for Long Term Conditions in Scotland.

NESTA DIY Toolkit:

Speaking up/Public speaking

Julien Treasure - How to speak so that people listen

  Ted Talk - Adam Galinsky: How to Speak Up for Yourself


 Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS)

SSKS is a website and digital library dedicated to the social services sector.

CLICK HERE to find high-quality materials like e-books and e-journals to help inform your research and practice




 Reflection and single and double loop learning




Iriss is a charitable company that promotes positive outcomes for the people who use Scotland's social services, by enhancing the capacity and capability of the social services workforce, to access and make use of knowledge and research for service innovation and improvement.

Iriss uses three approaches in the work that they do:

  • We inform - create conditions for effective information sharing
  • We translate and facilitate - support individuals and groups to make use of evidence
  • We co-create - work with communities to test out ideas and create conditions for embedding change

CLICK HERE to be taken to the Iriss website or have a look below for some specific reading/watching material you might find interesting and inspiring!


Iriss Insights are a wide variety of topics discussed in these evidence summaries including Achieving effective supervision, Prison leavers and homelessness,  Peer support roles in mental health services and Extending the housing options for older people. 

They outline the evidence and discuss the potential implications for the social services.

Why not check them out!


 Personalisation and Self Directed Support

Personalisation and Self Directed Support is about working with individuals to develop a personalised support plan for the future.  This approach will give individuals more choice, flexibility and control over how their support is provided, and allow  them to live an independent and fulfilling life in their local communities.

For more information about Personalisation and Self Directed Support, click on the following information below:

 Pilotlight co-designed seven pathways to self-directed support focusing on mental health, risk, self-employment, young people in transition, older people in transition, people with younger onset dementia and people in recovery from substance misuse.