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Feedback from Tayside Palliative Care Conference, Dundee - 22nd June 2017

Anthony Hartland - PKC Occupational Therapist - attended the Tayside Palliative Care National Conference which  was held in Dundee on 22 June 2017.  It was titled “Modern Dying – New Hopes, New Choices, New Challenges” (PDF 1)

Anthony provided the following summary of speakers: 

  • Dr Kristian Pollock spoke about choice in end of life care, specifically if our own judgements as professional inadvertently guide clients to our own expectations for “a good death” rather than actually listening to what clients wishes are (PDF 2);
  • Blackadders Solicitors spoke about the strengths and the pitfalls of using social media in a work context (PDF 3);
  • There was a panel case study, in which a 74yo man with end stage heart failure, requested his defibrillator be deactivated.  Required extensive MDT consultant, along with Psychiatry, Central Legal Office.  Eventually it was deemed it could be deactivated on 23/3/16 (he was still alive when this was presented) (PDF 4&5);
  • CEO of Scottish Partnership in Palliative Care spoke about why palliative care and end of life care topics on social media do not generally go viral.

Anthony also attended the following two seminars in the afternoon:

  • Social Media & End of Life #WeEOLC

This is a Twitter handle used by a Professor of Clinical Nursing Practice Research at Unveristy of Glasgow. Can be used for any palliative care discussion across the world

  • Working in Partnership with parents at end of life: What can we do to help them prepare their children?

Specialist Palliative Care Nurse Fife spoke about supporting parents to have conversations about EOLC with their children (PDF 6).

See below for the slides of some of the presentations.