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We have a fantastic opportunity to work with and support an array of different professions working across the Health and Social Care Partnership. The section looks at how the Learning and Development team can support, harness and enable inter professional sharing of knowledge and skills to optimise care and support for each other and the people of Perth and Kinross.


1.  Support to Practice Educators

  • Practice learning forum
  • Individual Support and consultation to practice educators (rusty, tools, challenging situations)

2.  Professional Development award in Practice Learning

The Professional Development Award in Practice Learning (PDAPL) is a post-qualifying award at SCQF 10 (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level 10) which is honours degree or graduate diploma level. Everyone who achieves this award will have demonstrated their competence across a wide range of learning situations, and be equipped to support the practice based learning of others who may be working towards the degree qualification in Social Work, or a different learning outcome. The award is delivered in partnership by a group of 6 local authorities in Scotland and generally takes between 12-18 months as candidates will work as practice educator to a social work student placement as part of the programme.

Applicants must have some experience of supporting the learning of others in order to meet the selection criteria, and while this is most often achieved through acting as a linkworker, supporting the learning of colleagues or service users can be equally relevant. For Further information please download the Information form and Application pack.

If you have any queries about the course please do get in touch with:

Gillian Muir on 01738 477446 or email on


Linda Grierson on 01738 477445 or email on

 3.  Linkworking

A Linkworker supports and supervises the day to day work of a social work student, usually when the student’s practice educator is based in another team. Sometimes linkworkers also provide some work experience in a different team to the student’s host team. Becoming a linkworker is a great way of supporting the learning of others and is a CPD opportunity for staff who are looking for a new challenge and enjoy sharing their learning and experience with others. Linkworkers support the induction of students, are involved in workload allocation, provide support, advice and direction, and also contribute to the assessment of the student.

To support linkworkers development we have a Linkworker training programme, please contact Gillian Muir or Linda Grierson

4.    Mentoring and practice supervision.

Mentors provide support to learners but are not involved in any assessment of them.  While we do not have any formal mentoring programme, we do have informal mentors who support students with particular pieces of work, or co-work with them, and share their expertise. This is a great way of developing your CPD and deciding whether you want to become a linkworker in future. We also have observational placements for social work students and allocate a mentor, or practice supervisor; this person will arrange shadowing for a social work student at the early stages of their course and provide an introduction to social work practice. They can develop their understanding of social services but without undertaking direct practice. This role is one which might be of interest to Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW) or those who are considering becoming a linkworker.

5.  Social Work Practice Learning placements
  • Our main partnership are with the universities of Robert Gordon, Stirling and Dundee (social work students)
  • Development across service of quality placements-sometimes different work in different teams

5.  HNC placements

We currently offer HNC placements to Perth College and students are placed in residential or day settings for two or three days per week over around an eight month period. Each student requires a mentor within their placement base, who supports and supervises their work. The college staff provide assessment of the student and will visit and observe the student during the placement. An information pack will be provided by the college and support offered by college staff.

If you are interested in providing and HNC placement please contact:

Gillian Muir on 01738 477446 or email


Linda Grierson on 01738 477445 or email

External links



 6.  Staff Supervision

We are committed to supporting staff with effective supervision to promote leadership and encourage learning and development both personally and professionally.

You may find the following external links helpful to support staff with supervision: 

SSSC - Step Into Leadership

IRISS - Achieving Effective Supervision

 7. Coaching



Registered Workers

Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) – Who should apply to register?

Social workers, social work students and many groups of social service workers are required by law to register with the SSSC if they are not registered with another regulatory body.  Registration is compulsory for the majority of workers required to register with the SSSC. If you fall into any of the groups recognised for registration you need to register with the SSSC or another regulatory body by the specified date. If you don’t it will mean Perth & Kinross Council will be committing an offence if they continue to employ you in this role.

Workers new into a role recognised for registration will have six months from the date they start to register with the SSSC.

Employers’ Responsibilities

Perth & Kinross Council have a legal responsibility to make sure that all of their staff are appropriately registered, as they would be committing an offence if they continue to employ an unregistered worker for more than six months after their start date in a role recognised for registration.

For this purpose, here at Learning & Development we are collating HCC staff’s SSSC registration details for inputting into each staff’s individual training record on our Learning & Development Database.

Registration details required from staff are: Name; payroll number; registration start date; registration renewal date; role start date, renewal fee payment date. 

External Funding

Funding Opportunities for the workforce to support learning and development

Communities and small businesses

Learning and Development can be found in many shapes and sizes, and although as a partnership Perth and Kinross offers a range of opportunities, there are other possibilities out there for us to explore. You may be looking for a different kind of learning environment, you might want to implement a collaborative idea with the community you work with, or it could be that you have heard about some innovative work being implemented in another country and would like to find out more.

Funding for these ‘out of the ordinary’ opportunities is not always realistic for the organisation to financially support, however because they are recognised as helpful to progression, innovation and improvement there are external funding sources which can provide the means. Please have a look at the different links, which through different application processes, provide people with the opportunity to source funding to support learning and development.

On these websites there are many examples of the amazing work supported, such as the Winston Churchill memorial Fund - 

Kirsten Horsburgh travelled to Australia in 2015 to research strategies aimed at reducing drug-related deaths.

Bryce Evans travelled to Peru in 2014 to learn about community kitchens.

The act of real discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.
- Marcel Proust

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